Dead Soft Split

by Jelly Boyz

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released September 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Jelly Boyz Langley, British Columbia

we changed our name to ken jennings.

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Track Name: It's Like a Sauna in Here
I lie awake at night and each night's the same
the stars should have ears to hear the shit I wish in your name
something stupid like "I wish that you were mine"
but I'm still waiting for you and that's just fine

the stars
ain't bright(X5)
Tonight the stars ain't bright

maybe tonight I’ll stop staring at these stars
Look out my window at all the passing cars
maybe go for a walk and end up on your street
and look into your bedroom window, hey the stars look neat.

I know the stars don't control our fate cause I could end it tonight, but it's almost light out, but it's almost fucking light out.

Why do I even try?
Track Name: Walt Whitman Suite, Bro
So many nights alone and depressed
this pain is so hard to digest
maybe I should have gotten wasted
to rid the voices from my head
I still have your letters
I still read them every night
I wish that I could make it better
I wish that I could everything all right

But it only gets worse, before it gets worse. I promise it gets worse before it gets worse.

Just another fucked and useless day
where I dont even leave my bed all day
the only solace is from my tv
in the rays I search for clarity
every time I try to sleep
every time I close my eyes
even after the months gone by
I still feel so fucking cheap.
Track Name: Yeah, What About Zero?
I am running on empty
No, I am fucking empty
summer’s finally over
(another easy excuse not to leave the house)
September got the best of me,
but tthat's the way it's gonna be when you're not here
(another easy excuse not to leave the house)

I only need you when I cant sleep at night
I only need you when I don’t feel alright
I guess that is every day and every night

this house is too spacious
I wish you filled in the spaces
Summer’s finally here
(another easy excuse not to leave the house)
I won't make the same mistakes again
but that's the way its always been because I miss you
(another easy excuse not to leave the house)