by Jelly Boyz

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Recorded in Daniel's garage.


released May 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Jelly Boyz Langley, British Columbia

we changed our name to ken jennings.

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Track Name: Shred the Sick Nasty Fresh
Sad, depressed, and lonely,
but for once it's not me.
The tables have turned
from watching me you must have learned.

But I will do what it takes
To turn you back to what you were
before I ruined what you were.
I can make you happy I'm sure

Your eyes have dulled and so has your heart.
I'll save you from the ditch,
from which I've been pulled
So many times befoooooore
Track Name: It's Not Over Until I Write a Song About It Part I&II
It's been almost a year since I last saw you
and you'd think i'd be over it now,
but I'd eat a fish eye, or eat a horse-shit pie
just to talk to you for an hour.
My brain feels like it is going to melt.
Oh god, how I wish it would. I wish it would
It could spill out my ears, I'd forget all of my fears
and of you, like I should have long ago.

I'd hate to think that you'd
rather spend tonight by yourself
then share a moment with me.

Maybe I should get drunk and call you, but that would just push you further away.
I act so crazy, I cry like a baby every single day!

I'd hate to think that you'd
rather spend tonight by yourself
then share a moment with me.

Part 2:
I've got glue lips and got desert throat.
I found these photos.
Those ones I swore I threw out.
The ones of the months we met.

"There are worse things than being alone"
"there are worse things than being alone"
"I'm becoming softer and softer"
it makes it easier to be on my own

Is it possible this is all in my head?
when I wake up will I be awake in your bed?
your face is one I can't forget.

These bags under my eyes?
just my dedication.
"Goodbye" she sighs.
Track Name: Troy Lemberg Looks Like a Cat
Track Name: Homophobia Still= Dumb
Don't call me a fag
I'm not your friend.
Societies' brain caught at a dead end.
Hate Hate Hate!
we've let fear seal our fate.

It's time to end this oppression
and make way for progression.
Time to end this regression.
No more social degradation!

Other factions have pushed through
pressing for equality.
We're all equal, no more denial for sexuality
Hate Hate Hate!
we've let fear seal our fate

Quit being so fucking scared!
Track Name: Fugees and Funyuns
I haven’t had an honest sleep in weeks
and honestly it’s getting tiring
with my knees pressed against my chest
and you not by my side
late nights put my heart to test

I keep hearing that we’re going to die alone
and I don’t want to believe it,
but at four in the morning
and you not by my side
the doubts come pouring

The leaves have changed their colour
I guess I should soon follow suit,
but you can't see the leaves in the dark,
so i'll just stay up all night watching T.V. alone
Track Name: The Gypsies had no home The Doors had no bass
I could never say what you were thinking.
I could never say I was not listening,
but when I saw you on the street with him
it brought back all those memories

Just because it's cliche
Doesn't makes my heart hurt less.
No matter what you say,
no matter what you do
I'll still think you're the best.

There is nothing that I could ever do
To make you love me too.
Nothing I could ever fake,
but you still love everything he does

you know if I could I would
still remain forever friends with you.
I wish you would say were through,
but I never got that far with you.
Track Name: Billy and the Cloneasaurus
Forget fucking colleges this “growing up” just feels like wasted time.
Instead I think I’ll stay up all night
I am fine, I swear I’m fine.
I wake up mid afternoon and grab myself a drink.
I sit in the park across from your house
and think, and think about the times we shared
and think.

Why grow up when everything
that comes with it is shit?
It gets me fucking thinking
is this really it?

I head to Reggie’s ‘cause I am tired of watching tv alone.
I hear video games and I hear my friends
I am home, I am fucking home

Is this really it?