Langley comp.

by Jelly Boyz

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released September 25, 2011



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Jelly Boyz Langley, British Columbia

we changed our name to ken jennings.

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Track Name: It's Like a Sauna In Here
I lie awake at night
and each night’s the same.
The stars should have ears
to hear the stuff I wished in your name.
Something stupid like
“I wish you were mine”.
I am still waiting
for you, but that’s just fine.

the stars
ain't bright(X5)
Tonight the stars ain't bright.

maybe tonight I’ll stop
staring at these stars.
Look out my window
at all the passing cars
maybe go for a walk and
end up on your street
and look into your bedroom window.
Hey the stars look neat.


I know the stars don't control our fate cause I could end it tonight, but it's almost light out, but it's almost fucking light out.

Why do I even try?
Track Name: Anne Frank Sex Machine
You were a million miles away from me and that just doesn't cut it, still I was scared of more.
Sometimes you were bat shit crazy and I can't handle you. I can't even handle myself.

Mary!Mary! Quite contrary. That's what you are to me.
To me!

Baby, baby you're so sexy, but that's not of interest to me. I just wasn't ready. If I could do it all again there is no way I could, or should.

Fuck you you're cut!
Track Name: Take A Salt Tablet
It was stupid of me to think this wouldn't happen.
It was fucking fucking dumb to think you'd always care.
How does every Ergs! song now ring so true? ever since you've told me we're fucking through.
Now I can't even listen to Screeching Weasel without hearing your fucking melodic voice in my head.
How the fuck is it possible that I'd rather be dead? When just weeks ago we were laying in my bed, in my bed, in my bed.

Every relationship ends up the same. You never get used to this fucking routine.
Every single night I fall asleep screaming your name.
Screaming your name!